How to Wear Harem Pants to Work

Harem pants are awesome. They’re light, comfortable, and come in all different colors and designs. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to pair them with or whether or not they’re appropriate. My advice is to turn to basics. Most harem pants have an intricate design or bright colors so you want to balance that out with a basic top. Today I wore a gray pair with a white tee. The gray pair that I have from Aerie could be matched with many different colored/ patterned tops but since I wore them to work I still chose a basic white t-shirt.

Because this outfit is so basic, I chose to add color by pairing it with my favorite jeweled sandals.


I have another pair of harem pants from Old Navy that are not as versatile. They are navy blue with a bright pink pattern which makes them harder to match.
With these (again) I would wear a white t-shirt. But if you don’t mind looking “matchy-matchy” you can wear a shirt that matches one of the colors in the pattern of the pants. So with my pink and blue harem pants, another option I would wear is a hot pink shirt to match them.

Here are some other examples of the trend:


How would you wear harem pants? Try it out!



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Here are some outfits I put together with my favorite pieces from!


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Hope you like my outfit inspiration from!

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Easter Brunch Outfit Ideas

As I laid in bed this morning, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear so I started planning outfits in my head. I knew I wanted to wear one of three different pieces I have in my wardrobe: a new dress, my loose-knit cream sweater, or my coral skirt. So what better way to decide than to actually create my visions through Polyvore!

Here are my ideas for today:



Coral Sunday - Easter Outfit



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Seasonal Trends: Candy-Colored Handbags

Candy-colored handbags are a fun and gorgeous trend if you love a pop of color. However sometimes it’s hard to know when to wear it or what to wear it with. If you feel like your gorgeous brightly colored handbag that you absolutely adore has been neglected all winter, I share the same guilty feeling :(. Handbags are my FAVORITE accessory and always will be. There’s something about finding that perfect purse(s) to carry your all stuff.

With the changing of seasons upon us, you may find yourself ready to try this trend.  This post is dedicated to something I sometimes struggle with which is, when is it “OK” to break out that neon colored purse for Spring? Continue reading

What I Wore: Day Trip

Day Trip OutfitDressing for a day trip can be so difficult (especially in Spring) because you never know what the weather will be like and if it will stay that way all throughout the day. I visited Washington D.C. on Saturday and it was a perfect example of this. It was windy, sunny, chilly, and warm all at the same time. I think I zipped/unzipped my jacket 389234 times. Point being, I have learned the best outfit for a day trip always consists of LAYERS. Continue reading