Check it Out: Tabatha Coffey Launches Beauty Website!


In an effort to bring salon professionals and their clients closer together, the no-nonsense television personality, author and celebrity hairdresser Tabatha Coffey has launched Industrie, a beauty website unlike any other.
“Industrie focuses on providing real solutions, real education and real beauty to real people,” says Coffey. “Not only will we be tackling common issues and offering individualized solutions for both beauty professionals and their clients, but the aim of Industrie is to help salon professionals grow their skill set and business and give beauty-loving consumers the skills, knowledge and resources to keep their look going well after they leave the salon.”
The site will consist of various how-tos, interviews, opinions, quizzes and surveys, and it will also reward members with a unique points system for sharing site content on social media. These points can then be redeemed for beauty products. Industrie will also highlight the creative correlation between beauty and the arts and provide various editorial features showcasing this harmonious relationship.
“Industrie was created to educate, inspire, and enlighten,” adds Coffey. “I want to give salon professionals and their clients the opportunity to find their own unique style. Whether you’re an urban Millennial or a suburban socialite, Industrie will have something for everyone. There’s no limit, no boundaries, and no barriers to overcome. We’ve removed the filler and we’re giving people exactly what they want, and need.”
To join Industrie, visit
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Trend to Try: Flash Tattoos

This trend is catching on like crazy. I’ve seen it in magazines, such as vogue, and at work! We tried them out at Raylon and love them! The gold and silver really stand out on your skin and looks so different from any tattoos you’ve seen before.

Here are the tattoos I tried out. The bracelet and the ring are the best examples of the trend, and the tattoos on my foot and arm are more like regular temporary tattoos.

Find the trend at The tattoos we tried are the Goldfish Kiss pack.

Here’s what the pack looks like:

Goldfish Kiss

Pretty cool, right?

Try it out!


How to Wear Harem Pants to Work

Harem pants are awesome. They’re light, comfortable, and come in all different colors and designs. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to pair them with or whether or not they’re appropriate. My advice is to turn to basics. Most harem pants have an intricate design or bright colors so you want to balance that out with a basic top. Today I wore a gray pair with a white tee. The gray pair that I have from Aerie could be matched with many different colored/ patterned tops but since I wore them to work I still chose a basic white t-shirt.

Because this outfit is so basic, I chose to add color by pairing it with my favorite jeweled sandals.


I have another pair of harem pants from Old Navy that are not as versatile. They are navy blue with a bright pink pattern which makes them harder to match.
With these (again) I would wear a white t-shirt. But if you don’t mind looking “matchy-matchy” you can wear a shirt that matches one of the colors in the pattern of the pants. So with my pink and blue harem pants, another option I would wear is a hot pink shirt to match them.

Here are some other examples of the trend:


How would you wear harem pants? Try it out!


Harper’s BAZAAR Prize Package

Last week I got an email that I won the Harper’s BAZAAR Shop & Share contest for Kate Moss’s collection for Topshop!! I won this contest by creating a post on my blog and posting about it on facebook, pinterest, twitter, and instagram.

I am so excited to share what I got in my prize package because I couldn’t believe they gave me all this stuff! – plus I never win contests like this, yay !

So here we go; a list of all the items I received in my prize package:

Along with all of this, I got a BAZAAR cell phone case and portable charger, a Harper’s BAZAAR loofah set, and a cute little “BAZAAR” notepad.


Thank you Harper’s BAZAAR ! I love all of these great products and what’s even better is that all of it is stuff I probably wouldn’t buy for myself (price-wise) but I’m excited to use it ALL! I’m very pleased and still super happy that I participated in that contest for this chance to win!


Do you use any of these products? Which is your favorite?!


The Liebster Award Nomination!!


Today I am so excited because I have been nominated for my first blogger award! It was so sweet of Fatima from Lipsticks and Coffee (love that name) to nominate me for the Liebster Award!!! Thank you so much Fatima :). Lipsticks and Coffee is Fatima’s personal blog that includes beauty reviews, shopping hauls, and anything else she feels like sharing. Check her out!


The Liebster Award rules:


You must link back to the person who nominated you;

You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominee before you;

You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 (or 2000 if you want to go with that) followers to answer your questions;

You cannot nominate the person who nominated you;

You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated

Fatima’s Questions for Me:

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Exclusive Access on ShopBAZAAR !

Kate Moss for TopshopKate Moss for Topshop

Harper’s BAZAAR is giving you exclusive access to shop Kate Moss’s new collection for Topshop!

If you have seen Harper’s BAZAAR’s May issue, you’ve seen how amazing Kate looks on the cover. HB asked me to let spread the word that you only have ONE more day to pre-order these gorgeous pieces on



Kate Moss for Topshoplimited

Now Available


PLUS: Harper’s BAZAAR editor’s favorites from the full collection hit on April 30th!


Let me know in a comment which piece is your favorite and if you decide to pre-order any!


Style Ambassador

11 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have By 30

Today I wanted to pass along a post I found on Harper’s BAZAAR. It was written by Kerry Pieri back in February but I just love posts like these and had to share. These are 11 things you may want to save up for and own before you turn 30. I thought it was fun to see what items I own that fall into these categories for me personally. Below are links back to the Harper’s BAZAAR post, and my own items off of this list!

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