Twenty-something student with a passion for fashion, art, and shopping.


I have always had an interest in fashion. Growing up, my mother stayed home to raise us and she let us wear whatever we wanted. Every day was a dress up day! She still tells me how I always had a ring on every finger, my nails painted, a wacky hair ‘do, and some crazy outfit on.

I started blogging when I got my last two internships; one at Sorrelli Jewelry, and another at the Greater Reading Economic Partnership. I wanted to keep track of everything I accomplished during my time working as an intern, and it was also really fun to blog about the jewelry I got to work with at Sorrelli 🙂 I was also posting my outfits to instagram almost everyday anyway so instead I started posting them to my blog and writing about what I was wearing.

I have a true passion for fashion, makeup, and all things beautiful! I am a fashion enthusiast, an artist, a social media lover, and a recent graduate with my bachelor’s in communication. I also have a passion for the marketing, advertising, and public relations industries. My ultimate dream job would be something where I could combine these passions of mine. I am so excited to see what life has in store for me in the years to come!

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