Sunday Night Thoughts… Victoria’s Secret Review & Recommendation

Today I made a trip to Victoria’s Secret to use my free panty coupon that I get in the mail every month. I try to use every panty coupon I get because, well, it’s free underwear! But I usually never buy anything else because VS can get pretty expensive. However, I am trying to get myself on a stricter work out schedule so I decided I’d use the “$10 off a bra” coupon this time and find a really good sports bra.

Well I feel the need to make a post about the sports bra that I found. I’m sure this is old news to many but for someone who tries not to splurge too much on panties/bras, I feel the need to tell you that the Victoria’s Secret Standout sports bra is WORTH IT! When I put it on I feel like I should live in it. It’s the most supportive bra I think I’ve ever worn and I can’t wait to work out in it. The fitting room  attendant who recommended this bra to me made me jog in place and I had barely any movement! I couldn’t believe it. I even tried on their “Knockout” sports bra that’s supposed to be like wearing two bras in one for twice the support but I still thought the standout was better.


I never thought spending so much money on that kind of thing was worth it before and I would just try to find the best deal. I love a good deal, but I also love feeling like my money was well spent. I’m very satisfied with this bra already and I surprisingly had a great experience in the store today.

Side note: I also recommend letting the fitting room attendant measure you to find the right bra size for you. I found out today that I have been wearing the wrong size and I’m glad I finally let her fit me. Usually I just tell them no when they ask; either because I feel embarrassed or I think it will take too long, but it really can help.


Let me know in the comments which type of bra you think is best!



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