This Past Month…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted already!

So, a quick update on my life since my last post:

1. I turned 22 🙂

2. Soon after my birthday I was in a car accident that landed me in the ER but no worries! I was just very sore and didn’t need any stitches. (thank god)

3. I got a job!!!!!!! Well, it’s a paid internship, but it’s exactly what I was hoping to find!! I started working for Raylon last week 🙂logo_raylon

4. Raylon is a Professional Salon Products Distributor and on my first day I got  some Redken products to try. I’m loving them so I’ll probably post about them soon !


I’ve also been enjoying some down time at the pool; my favorite way to spend summer!












Look forward to more posts related to “how to look/dress professional” because I’m super excited about my new job and dressing the part is so important! I’m coming up with ideas as I write this 🙂



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