Something Fishy for Summer

The fishtail braid is an easy hairstyle that doesn’t take a lot of time and is a perfect look for summer. My sister inspired this post today. She is just starting to get interested in doing her own hair and trying out all kinds of hair styles. Her latest is the fishtail braid!


My younger sister made a fishtail braid in my hair today. Pretty good, don’t you think?!

Here’s a step by step graphic to help you learn how. That is, if you haven’t already tried it yet!


Plus, here are some tips from The Beauty Department:

  • For a smoother braid, brush your hair out first. For a messier braid, leave the natural texture and separate the hair with your fingers.
  • Create a pony tale using a clear elastic before you begin braiding. Then cut it out after you finish the braid. This will keep your braid nice and neat and you wont have to worry about holding all the pieces together while you braid.
  • Don’t think too hard about this braid and end up confusing yourself. You’re simply making X’s with your strands; moving pieces of hair from side to side.

Try it out and send me a pic if you’d like!



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