What I Wore: College Graduation Ceremony

Introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the LBD (Little Black Dress) is still the best dress to have in your closet for any occasion. I chose to wear mine for graduation this past Saturday and I loved it. Mine is from New York & Company (its not the one featured in my Polyvore set) and I absolutely love it. It fits perfectly and goes with everything! So here is the basic idea of what my outfit consisted of for my college graduation:

What I Wore: Graduation Commencement
Plus I made sure my nails matched! Black and gold were the colors of the day! (Our school colors are maroon and gold.)
grad nails
I had a great day on Saturday and I’m so proud of myself for all the hard work I did in school. Now that it’s over, let the job hunt begin!

As requested by A.Moments, here is a photo of me in the dress I wore. Sorry, it isn’t a full body shot so it doesn’t show my shoes but they are similar to the pair in my polvore set above.
grad outfit
I’m also wearing a “Grad Princess” sash my friend from high school got for me! I hope this gives you an idea of what I wore even though it doesn’t show the entire outfit. It’s the best one I could find!

9 thoughts on “What I Wore: College Graduation Ceremony

  1. Oh, thank you! You look great!
    What did you study?

    And most importantly, congratulations on your graduation! It’s such an amazing event! Hope you’ll find your dream job! 🙂

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