Harper’s BAZAAR Prize Package

Last week I got an email that I won the Harper’s BAZAAR Shop & Share contest for Kate Moss’s collection for Topshop!! I won this contest by creating a post on my blog and posting about it on facebook, pinterest, twitter, and instagram.

I am so excited to share what I got in my prize package because I couldn’t believe they gave me all this stuff! – plus I never win contests like this, yay !

So here we go; a list of all the items I received in my prize package:

Along with all of this, I got a BAZAAR cell phone case and portable charger, a Harper’s BAZAAR loofah set, and a cute little “BAZAAR” notepad.


Thank you Harper’s BAZAAR ! I love all of these great products and what’s even better is that all of it is stuff I probably wouldn’t buy for myself (price-wise) but I’m excited to use it ALL! I’m very pleased and still super happy that I participated in that contest for this chance to win!


Do you use any of these products? Which is your favorite?!



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