Press This: Excerpt from Morgan Stewart’s Blog

The point of having friends is to learn from them and enjoy the differences between you guys. Everybody has different gifts and talents and people should figure out what they like about themselves instead of needing to be like other people!

This week is my LAST WEEK of college classes!!! Yay me. So, I am busy wrapping up all my school work BUT I came across this little snippet of perfection while I was perusing through blogs I like to read. Now, I know Morgan Stewart is from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and some of you might or might not think that’s totally lame, but I sort of identified with this part of her post about her pet peeves. I didn’t post it back when I first read it, but recent unforeseen circumstances have made this little excerpt all too relevant for me to post it today.

JOCK PART DOS – Boobs & Loubs.

I hate to be copied

There it is. Enjoy. I hope you find this satisfying if you were wondering if anyone else goes through this situation too. Because I was, ย and this is the first time I’ve read anything that captures how it truly feels!






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