11 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have By 30

Today I wanted to pass along a post I found on Harper’s BAZAAR. It was written by Kerry Pieri back in February but I just love posts like these and had to share. These are 11 things you may want to save up for and own before you turn 30. I thought it was fun to see what items I own that fall into these categories for me personally. Below are links back to the Harper’s BAZAAR post, and my own items off of this list!

Slideshow found here.

1. A Classic Shoe

2. A Great Suit

3. A Signature Flower

4. A Beautiful Timepiece

5. A Go-To Lip Color

6. A Personal Scent

7. Jewelry You Never Take Off

8. Original Art You Love

9. A Forever Bag

10. A Killer Winter Coat

11. The Perfect LBD


I want to have all of these things before I’m 30! So, here is a slideshow of what I have based off of this list:

(My items are probably all cheaper than the ones in the Harper’s BAZAAR list but they work for me!)

What are your must have items??



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