Seasonal Trends: Candy-Colored Handbags

Candy-colored handbags are a fun and gorgeous trend if you love a pop of color. However sometimes it’s hard to know when to wear it or what to wear it with. If you feel like your gorgeous brightly colored handbag that you absolutely adore has been neglected all winter, I share the same guilty feeling :(. Handbags are my FAVORITE accessory and always will be. There’s something about finding that perfect purse(s) to carry your all stuff.

With the changing of seasons upon us, you may find yourself ready to try this trend.  This post is dedicated to something I sometimes struggle with which is, when is it “OK” to break out that neon colored purse for Spring?

The truth is, there is no right answer to this question. The first day of Spring was back in March, but it’s still pretty cold out then. I read in magazines that just because March 20th doesn’t feel like spring doesn’t mean you can’t look like spring. If that works for you, go for it!  I personally like to switch when I FEEL the seasons change. It has been your typical spring weather here; one day is super sunny and the next is pouring rain, but when that first gorgeous sunny day hit, I knew it was time! So, I switched from my black Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Tote to my Kate Spade Southport Avenue Carmen Satchel (the beauty on the left) during the first week of April.

Although there isn’t an exact answer on the best time to bring out your colorful purses, I can provide some options for what to wear them with!

When accessorizing with bold hues, it can be tempting to pile on all of the yummy colors you adore, but remember the saying “less is more.” Pick out the colors you like in different accessories and wear them one at a time.  Keeping your color wheel in check will help you look sleek and stylish while pulling off this trend. When styling a candy-colored bag, make sure it’s the focus of your look.  Neutrals and more muted colors will bring out the beauty in your bag.

Pop of Color

Complimentary colors in accessories and clothing can also pair will with your bold handbag. Just remember to avoid wearing too much of one color. Matching can be fun but don’t overdo it. You can actually use the color wheel if you are unsure which colors will compliment your bag. If you want to wear different shades of the same color, choose colors in the same family. If you want a complimentary color, look for the color across from the color of your bag.



Other ways to wear bold colors:

BoldHope this helps you with styling your own bold accessories!


Style on!


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