What I Wore: Day Trip

Day Trip OutfitDressing for a day trip can be so difficult (especially in Spring) because you never know what the weather will be like and if it will stay that way all throughout the day. I visited Washington D.C. on Saturday and it was a perfect example of this. It was windy, sunny, chilly, and warm all at the same time. I think I zipped/unzipped my jacket 389234 times. Point being, I have learned the best outfit for a day trip always consists of LAYERS.

On Saturday I wore a long sleeve black v-neck, a zip up sweatshirt and my army green jacket. This was the perfect outfit because I could take on and off the jacket and it wasn’t  too bulky or annoying to carry. I wore skinny jeans and a comfortable pair of flats which are the perfect shoes for walking around all day (besides sneakers). I accessorized with a scarf for the colder moments of the day and with a cross body bag to keep my hands free for taking pictures, getting on/off the metro, and eating at the food trucks! 🙂


(Sorry for my weird pose, my sister played a trick on me and said it looked like I was holding up this sculpture behind me. Of course this ended up being the only picture of me by myself! )

10001405_10203769031694658_1852009619786569108_nHopefully this post is helpful to you if you have trouble figuring out what to wear for day trips. I always feel like I put so much planning into my outfit for a day trip and I’m still never sure if I have enough/too many layers.

Comment if you have more helpful tips for planning outfits for a day trip!




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