Monday Mani + Makeup

This week I went with Essie’s “Snap Happy.” The name has happy in it, the color makes me feel bright and springy, and a glamorous red is always in style. It seemed fitting!



makeupNext up in this post is the makeup portion I mentioned in the title, which is an update on the post from yesterday about the smashbox “try it kit.” I really like it, but I’m not sure how many products I will actually go back to buy.

This picture makes my face look yellow, but you can still see that my complexion looks pretty even. The smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer helped with that, making my skin look smooth and it seemed to work well with my drugstore liquid foundation. This is a product I would consider buying a full size tube of. I so also use Baby Lips’ Instant Pore Eraser, which I know isn’t exactly primer but it works well so maybe I will finish that off first!

I also tried out smashbox’s  lid primer and eye liner this morning. The lid primer works well and my eye shadow looks good but, personally, lid primer isn’t something I worry about too much and if I do, I’ll pick up a cheaper version at rite aid or something. Just me. However, I really, reallly liked the eye liner! It has a creamy consistency but still comes in a pencil form. It was really easy to use and to do the cat eye look, which you can’t really see in the photo because I like a less dramatic cat eye on myself, personally.

Last, I used the mascara and lip gloss. I was not very impressed with the mascara. My eye lashes can look a lot better than this; I have been asked if I wear fake eye lashes which I never do. And in this photo my eye lashes look kind of, BLAH. So it’s not for me. BUT the lip gloss was pretty good, it didn’t feel as sticky as most lip glosses do. I don’t wear lip gloss often but I would get this again for when I do because it’s a nice shade and feels good on your lips.

View yesterday’s post for full list of smashbox’s “try it kit” products and links.


There you have it; my PERSONAL OPINIONS on the smashbox “try it kit.” Hope you enjoyed reading and hope this helps if you were thinking about buying any of these products!

Smashbox Try it Kit









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