St. Patty’s Day Outfit

Dressing for a holiday can be really difficult when you want to keep your style but still dress for the theme of the day. Saint Patty’s Day is one of the hardest for me. I don’t have many green shirts or silly jewelry to wear so I either have to spend money and buy stuff I’ll probably never wear again, or work with what I’ve got. There will be parties this weekend to dress for, and the 17th is on a Monday this year so you might want to wear a St. Patty’s themed outfit to the office. Either way, here are some looks to try:

imageThis outfit would be great for a party or for a day at the pubs in Philly; which is what I will be doing tomorrow!! It’s the perfect combination of style and comfort. A cross-body bag is always best for a day in the city to keep your hands free for shopping and traveling. The boots are cute yet still sturdy to walk around in. It will still be chilly this weekend so a sweater and jacket will keep you warm. With this outfit, you’re still stylish while pulling off the St. Patty’s day theme!

For the Office:

This is a great look to wear at the office to dress professionally while still having fun with the theme of the day. It’s always fun to dress up no matter how old you are! 🙂



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