2014 Oscars Fashion

I know this is super late! I have been crazy busy this week at school but I wanted to get this post on here as soon as possible. Just like almost everyone else, I watched the Oscars last weekend and paid the most attention to what everyone was wearing. ( That’s what award shows are for, right? 😉 ) So I picked my favorites and I want to share them!

Kate Hudson

It’s no secret that I LOVE Kate Hudson! It was hard to beat her style on the red carpet this year. Last  year, capes were all the rage; but Kate’s cape is something new. It’s like an “infinity cape” if you think about an infinity scarf. This cape loops around her back so she can still show off the beautiful back to her gown. Gorgeous! Definitely my favorite.


I know this one wasn’t at the Oscars but I just had to include her dress at the Vanity Fair party too. How stunning?! My favorite part of this dress is the neckline. The dress fits her perfectly, and it is so chic and elegant yet also sexy. Go Kate!

Kate-Hudson -Oscar-2014---Vanity-Fair-Party

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is another one of my favorites, and my sisters and I all agreed that THIS is how a baby bump should be rocked on the red carpet!!  She looks stunning and radiant and she shows off her baby bump without showing too much. This dress looks like it was comfortable for her to wear but still Oscar material.


Lupita Nyong’o

I think Lupita was a favorite across the board this year! She looks amazing in this color and style of dress. This light blue is the perfect spring color and the dress has those swingy pleats at the bottom that give it that light and airy feel. I would love to wear this dress! She definitely rocked it!


Sandra Bullock

Sandra’s dress was very simple, but I absolutely love this color on her. The deep blue compliments her skin tone and hair color. I do like the neckline on this dress for her as well. Sandra is always gorgeous!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

What a cutie! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite male actors and he was looking snazzy on the red carpet.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Oscars 2014

Anne Hathaway

Although Anne is not one of my personal favorite actresses (sorry) I do admit she looked fabulous in this dress. I love the simplicity and elegance of the black, combined with the glamorous sparkly top of the dress. I think this dress also went well with her short hair because you could really appreciate the dress without any of it getting covered up by longer hair. Love it!

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2014

There you have it! My 2o14 Oscar faves.

Let me know if you agree with me or who your favorites were!



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