Monday Muse: Olivia Pope from ABC’s Scandal

Trend-Setter Sweaters

I love all of Olivia Pope’s outfits, but my absolute favorite and most coveted pieces Olivia wears are her cozy sweaters. She is mostly shown wearing them at night in her apartment during the “popcorn and wine” scenes but I personally would wear them all the time since they are so chic and, by the looks of them, super comfortable! During winter, my favorite outfit always includes a warm, comfy, and stylish sweater. The fact that it’s winter right now and I have been binge watching Scandal on Netflix makes me extra envious of Olivia’s gorgeous sweaters. I just want to snuggle up in them!

Polished Outerwear

Olivia Pope is a strong woman who has both power and vulnerability and it shows in her wardrobe. One of her most powerful pieces are her many stylish and polished coats.

Max Mara Eliana Belted Coat

I will be on the lookout for more affordable versions of Olivia Pope’s wardrobe! I would love to steal her style 😉



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