Curls That Last All Day

Yesterday I did my hair for school just for fun and I was delightfully surprised when my curls actually lasted all through the day! I have very thick hair that gets heavy so my curls tend to get weighed down and loosen up on their own. The styling tool I used yesterday worked so well that my curls lasted through the night and are still bouncy today! Here is what I used:

Conair’s YouCurl Curling Wand

YOuCurlThis is my sister’s curling wand and she’s had it for a few years but rarely used it. I started watching hair tutorials on Youtube lately and I saw a lot of people were mentioning curling wands. I had to at least give it a try, so I borrowed this wand from my sister and did my hair with it yesterday morning. At first, the curls were way too small and cork-screw like for me but I kept going to see what it would look like when I was finished. I still ended up running my fingers through my hair to  loosen up the curls a bit but I really like the end result! I like to wear my hair down a lot and I usually straighten my hair, but I get bored with it straight every single day. So now I found another way I could wear my hair on a daily basis if I want. I think if I do go out and buy my own, I would get a slightly bigger sized wand to get more relaxed curls.

Here is my look with the curls when I went out with friends last night:

YOuCurl hair                                                                        (From my instagram: sydneybee6)

Hopefully this post helps you if you are interested in trying the wand but aren’t sure if you want to buy one, or if you are looking for a new way to style your hair maybe you should give a curling wand a try!

Comment to let me know what you think about curling wands or if you have another favorite styling tool you think works better!




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