2014 Nail Trends

Last year intricate nail art was huge. Although nail art is still popular, understated yet elegant manicures are the go-to nail trend of the year.  Neutrals, nudes, metallics, and smaller embellishments are the hottest upcoming trends.
Matte nail polish was also very popular last season and still is. Now there are matte topcoats available to turn any color matte!



“Marshmallow” Nail Polish by Essie



“Easy Walking” Pierre Hardy for Nars Nail Polish Set by Nars ($29)



“Nothing Else Metals” Nail Polish by Essie



“Matte About You” Matte Finisher by Essie ($10)

My Polish of the Moment


I got a bunch of different nail colors for Christmas and I love them all! Right now I am wearing “My Better Half” by Essie and my glamour nail is “Blonde Bombshell” by China Glaze.  Sparkles are always in style on my own personal trend list;)  My cousin got me the “Blonde Bombshell” color for Christmas and I just love it! I have been using it as a glamour nail the past couple times I painted my nails.



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