Productive Monday


Today I have been hard at work! My main project that actually began over the weekend was cleaning out my closet. I’ve gotten rid of so many things I didn’t even realize I still had, plus I have a big bag of clothes I am going to donate to Goodwill! I love to do this every so often to make some space in my room and clean everything up. It feels like a fresh start for the school year.


I also began getting stuff ready for my classes since I start working at school on Wednesday. I am a peer mentor to a class of freshman who have to take a First Year Seminar course. We meet our class on the first day and then hang out with them all throughout their orientation weekend. Once the semester begins peer mentors sit in on the FYS classes and help the freshmen with anything they might need or want to talk about to help to make their first year at Alvernia a bit easier. I have a busy year ahead of me but it is my last and I hope to make the best of it!

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